The Complex Truth

by Advocates

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released December 8, 2016

Recorded by Mason Hine
Mixed/Mastered by Chris Foster
All Music & Lyrics written by Advocates



all rights reserved


Advocates Melbourne, Australia

Advocates are a 5 piece Progressive Metalcore act. Based in Melbourne Australia the groups sound has been described by UK magazine Metal Hammer, as ball crushingly heavy mixed with technical riffing and moments of Melodic Soundscape.

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Track Name: Choke
Appease my mind again, you never really thought you'd get away in the end, did you?
You've said all that needs to be said, complacent in the fact you know that you deserve to be dead.

Stop fronting, start running. Sick and tired of the poison you spit
I'll slit your throat and watch you bleed, take pleasure while i watch you drown in it.

Nothing but a burden to the world, I'll fucking take you out.
I don't know, just who to believe everybody's got a secret to hide and i am over being lied to.

I've done my best to speak nothing but the truth, you're there spinning lies for the masses.
Aren't you afraid that somebody like me will expose all that you really are?

I'm gonna find my own way back, I don't need your help
My angers building at the sight of you, just get the fuck out.
Now that I'm free of the walls you built its time for me to go home.
Track Name: Substance Affliction
I just don't know, where do I go from here
Dead ends, dead friends, what's left for me?
Nothing can bring me back from this fucking disease

I'm fucked up, blind again
Its how I feel, its how I deal with internal conflicts in my head

One day I will destroy myself, been feeling like I'm somebody else
I'm trapped in the clutches of my past mistakes
What do I have to do to catch a fucking break

Distant, oh so distant I should have let you in
Constant, oh so constant this pain just pull the pin!
I've been wasting my life away
I am a victim to the poison in my veins

All my days are spent jaded and I am
Losing hope that I'll find a way out
Through the darkness I search for a light, to illuminate the path up ahead

I can feel my heartbeat rising, every second makes me feel that I am nothing
Pushing my face to the ground.
I've been beaten and bruised, used and abused. The way I see i've got nothing left to lose

Thoughts creeping at the back of my mind
I've gone to far and now I'm running out of time
Break these fucking walls that are confining me, the room is spinning please god don't let this define me!

Will this ever end,
Put a gun to my fucking head, and set me free oh let me start again.
Track Name: Detriment (Ft. Jack Bergin of Void of Vision)
My patience for your kind is wearing thin
You egotistic piece of shit, look at the mess you're in
Yeah, I think you'll find that I'll talk back
Trapped capturing the moment in a flashback
What, you make me sick so you better think quick or else watch me turn this round

How do you sleep at night?
I pray you toss and turn restless, dead inside.
Just fucking open your eyes
You hide behind a facade built up of your fucking lies.

Am I making any fucking sense at all
Can you feel the hate inside my bones

Day in day out we see no change in your heart
It's time to take the blame for the mistakes you made you'll probably burn in hell before I ever give a fuck about you


You thought you knew but you didn't so shut the fuck up and listen
You know nothing about me

I told you time and time again, your nothing more than a snake with no chance
And now I know you know that I'm on to you, I'll fucking cut you down right where you stand

One year on and I still just don't care
You have a pointless existence that's so hard to bear
If you think that the tables are turning
Look around see your world that is burning
Small minded, desperate and eager to take the throne

Will you ever see the bastard you've become?
Will you ever stand tall and look back at me?
Practice what you preach!7

I'm done playing around your really testing my patience!
Track Name: Martyr
Stuck inside a system fuelled by reckless intent
You are a slave to the fiction that's inside of your head
Wisen up kid, and think for yourself,
Make one more wrong move and I'll drag you to hell

When you bow you fucking head at night, praying for a better life,
Hoping someone will fix it all
Just know that I'll be standing right behind,
Cursing every single line
You're the sheep, I'm the wolf in disguise

I'll burn the words In which you confide,
Tear out the pages and set it alight,
I'll make a martyr out of you yet

Bruised and broken, this is how I react

Back up, I'm about to lose my mind and self destruct
Not a single word that you can say will ever be enough,
You're a coward and you know it
Come face to face with me and I'll show it
Your mind was always weak, now it's time to face reality
Track Name: Destructive Tendencies
Pull me under but hold me close
I wanna feel the beating of your chest
I am fucking delusional without you!

My concience is slowly eating me alive
I tried to run, tried to hide
How can I let go and leave this all behind
Somethings got to give

Look me dead in the eyes, tell me you can't feel this too?
My head is a mess, can't shake this fucking unrest, in the end it was always you

My indecisions have led us to this
A broken home, I've got nothing left
Pick me up and piece me together
Quit making a fool out of me
Its time I took what's mine
And mend all the bridges that I've burned in time.

What can I do? My tired bones have always led me to you
You're to afraid to speak
Im fighting back the urge to say I told you so

It's like pulling the teeth from my head
Trying to get through to you will fucking kill me in the end. This house was once our home
Now all that stands is the fractured remains we walk upon.

My conscience is slowly eating me alive
Wide awake I've been
Counting days, passing time out of my mind.
Will I ever mend

My hollow body, can't take much more of this pain. I'm sorry I could never give you what you need. You hold the knife, now fucking sever the ties.
End it all set us free, then chase what you seek

Suffice to say that I loved you all the same.
But you tore my heart out
That's not to say I never hurt you myself.
Track Name: Beaten (Ft. Landon Tewers of The Plot in You)
Ready yourself for fucking war
I'll come for you with everything I've got
What did you think would happen? Just sit back and watch as I tear your world apart
You made a fatal mistake ever fucking with me
Now face total oblivion.
I've got a whole lot of time to kill
And a hole in my heart that only vengeance will fill
So save it

I'm gonna cut you at the waist
And peel it over your body
Until you're blue in the face

I hope this haunts you till the day life gives up on you
Keep running from your past
But it will always catch up with you
It's time to rid the world of fucking filth like you
Exterminate the weak, let the light shine through

I am here to take back what you stole from me
I fucking asked you, at what point did you lose yourself respect?
Slave to the rats you insist on following
Retrace all of the false steps that you've made in vain. Semi conscious thoughts of a delusioned being

Murderous intentions
Are washing over me
What I'd fucking give to show you just how much it hurts losing everything.
I've been dreaming awake
Hiding away, biding my time till I can see her again. You took that chance away from me
I will never forever I'll fucking make you see
You're living in your own reality,

Back against the wall I'll make damn sure you will never draw a single breath again.
My hands around your neck I'm fucking ready to snap as my grip begins to tighten, as my grip tightens
Your gasping for air, I watch you struggle as I stare into your eyes
and watch the light inside them die.

Just sit back and watch as I tear your world apart
You made a fatal mistake ever fucking with me now face total oblivion
I've got a whole lot of time to kill
And a hole in my heart that only vengeance can fill

You've never looked so Cold
I watched your face turn into stone
I will never forget the feeling in my bones
As relief washed over me
I felt the hate inside my conscious leave me.
Track Name: The Bitter End
I've been feeling so hollow since you left
Its not the same without you here, miss every moment I spent in bliss
I fucked it all up, I let you down and now I'm all alone please come back!

Everything has fallen apart, curse my cold and empty heart wish we could go back to the start when we were a family
I'm so sorry for the way things turned out, I never meant to hurt the ones that I love
And now I'm just fighting to survive on my fucking own why can't I find a way to make this right again

I'm fighting to make sense of all of this
What more can I say, I realize I'm a fucking burden, I lost my cool you couldn't even get a word in
I am a shell of who I used to be
Give me back the life I had I'd trade it all for you
I haven't slept , my mind it keeps me up at night I'm struggling with the fact that your gone
I've got to find a way to get you back.

Caught in an endless cycle, abusing substance when lifes too hard to handle
I've been afraid of change, my mind has been made, I'm a sick motherfucker, its best just to stay away.

Tell me! How can I see light when this darkness persists?
It's consuming my life
Expectations have never been so high, oh god I feel like my time here is up

Backtracking my thoughts to a place where I felt wanted
Sitting in silence, left to dwell in my own fucking mind.
Its becoming apparent, this ever present malevolence has got me looking to heaven despite
The fact that I'm barely fucking alive